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Sending Irish greetings near or far away card with sheep coaster, light and easy to post  

irish designed and made

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What's our story

A graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, Paula Stapleton has run a graphic design studio in Dublin for 17 years before becoming a director at Green Gorgeous. She has gone on to establish Paula Stapleton Design - a design company continueing to produce high quality, contemporary homeware, products in Ireland from eco conscious materials, offering consumers an exciting alternative to conventional products, an alternative that is unique, stylish and green.

Inspired by nature, the collection designed and made in Co Louth, is a contemporary tableware range. It is 100% wool felt and features coasters, coffee cosy, hotplate and wine wraps. Wool has natural thermal insulation properties and will hold the temperature of the contents for a time. They are in vibrant colours, bring a bit of fun as well as functionality to your table.

PaulaStapleton products bring personality to your home. Irish designed and made homeware products using quality tactile materials. The 100% wool felt tableware is hard wearing and heat resistant. The wool in the cosies and winewraps provides natural thermal insulation keeping the contents cool or warm as required. Each piece is designed with a strong environmental heart for functionality and form, as well as being fun and beautiful. Products that say something about you.


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Dundalk Co Louth

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